Previous fellows

Name Years Research Subject
Leonard Sender (MD) 1988-1989 Glucocerebrosidase (GC) gene expression
Joel Weinthal (MD) 1989-1991 GC gene expression in murine bone marrow
Gay M. Crooks (MD)  1991-1993 Gene transfer to human hematopoietic stem cells
Wanda J. Krall (PhD) 1993-1995  Regulation of gene from retroviral vectors
Jan A. Nolta (PhD) 1994-1996 Gene transfer into human stem cells
Punam Malik (MD) 1995-1997 Lineage-directed gene expression, AAV
Mei-Mei Huang (PhD) 1995-1997 Gene therapy for Hurler disease, Wiskott-Aldrich
Robert Cooper (MD)  1995-1997  Role of methylation in vector silencing
Leo Mascarenhas (MD) 1996-1998 Gene transfer into human leukemia cells
Renata Stripecke (PhD) 1995-1999 Immunotherapy of childhood leukemia
Stephanie Halene (MD) 1997–2000 Vector expression/silencing
Scott Case (PhD) 1997–2000 Lentiviral vectors for gene therapy
Steve Rawlings (PhD) 1999–2000 Vectors encoding HIV inducible apoptosis
Diana Fan (MD) 2000 2001-2002 Immunotherapy for childhood leukemia
Noriko Satake (MD) 1998–2001 Immune responses and tolerance to transgenes
Barbara Engel (MD) 1998–2001 HIV gene therapy
Carolyn Lutzko (PhD) 1999–2004 Lineage specific gene expression
Hiroshi Kobayashi (MD) 2002–2004 Gene therapy for lysosomal storage disease
Kit Shaw (PhD) 2002–2007 Lineage specific gene expression
Roger Hollis (PhD) 2003–2006 Gene transfer to human hematopoietic stem cells
Christof Kahl (PhD) 2003–2007 Gene transfer to rhesus CD34+ cells
Noriko Satake (MD) 2005–2007 Immunotherapy of leukemia
Ken Sakurai (MD/PhD) 2007–2010 Gene expression in human ESC
Satiro De Oliveira (MD) 2008-2010 Immunotherapy of leukemia by myeloid effectors
Francesca Giannoni (PhD) 2008-2010 Immunotherapy for cancer and leukemia
Rafael Ruiz de Assini (PhD) 2010-2011 β-globin gene correction for sickle cell disease
Fabrizia Urbanati (PhD) 2010-2012 β-globin gene correction for sickle cell disease
Sarah Larson (MD) 2011-2013 Immunotherapy for Leukemia
Zulema Romero-Garcia (PhD) 2010 -2014 Gene therapy for sickle cell disease
Kismet Baldwin (MD) 2011 – 2014 Gene transfer to human HSC
Caroline Kuo (MD) 2012 – 2014 Correction of the CD154 gene for X-HIM
Gavin Roach (MD) 2012 – 2014 Clinical trial of sickle cell gene therapy
Carmen Bjurstroem (PhD) 2013-2015 Gene editing in hematopoietic stem cells
Robert Drummond (MD/PhD) 2015-2017 Correction of the sickle cell mutation
Alexandra Miggelbrink, (MD) 2016-2017 CRISPR-mediated gene correction in HSC