Zulema Romero-Garcia, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Dr. Romero received her Ph.D. from the University Granada (Spain) in 2009 and completed her postdoctoral fellowship work with Donald Kohn in 2015 at UCLA. During her postdoctoral fellowship she acquired extensive training in experimental hematology, viral vectors, gene editing methods, and GMP cell processing. She is currently an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics at UCLA.


Research Interests


Her research focuses on improving and developing new gene therapy methods for hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) to treat monogenic diseases of blood cells, including hemoglobinopathies (such as Sickle Cell Disease) and primary immune deficiencies.


Currently her central research work focus is on enhancing gene correction by investigating efficacy and toxicity from different sources of the DNA homologous donor template; studying the relationship between HSC cell cycle status and gene editing outcomes and engraftment of the long-term HSC in different immunodeficient mouse models; and translating the research-scale methods of editing to GMP-compatible, clinical scale manufacturing. While the field of Gene Editing of HSC to correct monogenic disorders is constantly advancing, it is her interest to study the mechanism of new gene editing methods, such as Base Editing and Prime Editing, and further translate these new methods to the clinic.


Selected publications 


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