Degree Requirements

Fall 2020 Grading Policy Update

Changes to the upper division major requirements:
A grade of “Pass” in any courses taken P/NP during the Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 quarter may be applied to the upper division major requirements.


For students starting in the Fall of 2017 or later

The MIMG degree program offers 2 options by which undergraduates can obtain a Bachelor of Science degree. These options are known as Path 1 and Path 2. The requirements for each path depend on the individual student’s desire to pursue either a guided, team-oriented inquiry-based laboratory experience (Path 1) or an advanced, independent research experience in consultation with a faculty mentor (Path 2).

All students entering the MIMG major will be Path 1. To be admitted to Path 2, the student must be researching in a MIMG, MCDB, or Biological Chemistry lab; have a GPA of at least 3.0; and, submit an application for consideration. Students must apply for Path 2 no later than Winter quarter of third year, however exceptions may be made for transfers. Consult with the Student Affairs Officer for more information on the application process. For students who entered before 2017 please visit the Student Affairs Office to obtain degree requirements.