Erin R. Sanders, Ph.D.

Assistant Adjunct Professor

2839 Slichter Hall

Undergraduate — Adjunct Assistant Professor; Academic Coordinator for MIMG Instructional Laboratories
Graduate — Co-Faculty Advisor for MIMG Teaching Assistants, Departmental TA Training Course (MIMG 495 – Preparation for Teaching Microbiology in Higher Education) & Programs

Life Science Division Roles
Director of the UCLA Center for Educational Innovation in the Life Sciences (CEILS)
Co-Director for the HHMI Science Education Grant at UCLA —
Co-Program Director for the Competency-based Research Laboratory Curriculum (CRLC) —

Current Courses Taught
MIMG 103AL — Research Immersion Laboratory in Virology
MIMG 103BL — Advanced Research Analysis in Virology
Course-related Instructional Materials:  Education Resources for Genome Annotation Project
MIMG 109AL — Research Immersion Laboratory in Microbiology
MIMG 109BL — Advanced Research Analysis in Microbiology
Course-related Instructional Materials:  CURL Online Notebook

Previous Courses Taught
MIMG 101 — Introductory Microbiology  (Fall 2005 & 2006)
MIMG 101L — Microbiology Laboratory  (Fall 2005 to Spring 2008)
MIMG 102L — Virology Laboratory  (Winter 2006, 2007, & 2008)
MIMG 103L — Laboratory Methods in Modern Microbiology & Immunology  (Fall 2008, Winter 2009, Spring 2009, Winter 2010, Spring 2010)
MIMG C159 — Advanced Molecular Genetics  (Winter 2007)
MIMG 121A — Microbial Molecular Biology Laboratory  (Winter 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Fall 2007, Winter 2008, Spring 2008, Spring 2009)
MIMG 180A — Scientific Analysis and Communication I  (Winter 2011, Spring 2011)
MIMG 180B — Scientific Analysis and Communication II  (Spring 2011, Fall 2011)

“In the News”

Research Interests

  • Undergraduate STEM education and teaching scholarship
  • Metagenomic analysis of microbial communities including bacteriophage & soil bacteria
  • Microbial energy production
  • Site-specific DNA recombination
  • Molecular systematics of green algae & plants

Education-Related Publications

Shapiro C, Ayon C, Moberg-Parker J, Levis-Fitzgerald M, and Sanders ER  (2013).  Strategies for Using Peer-Assisted Learning Effectively in an Undergraduate Bioinformatics Course.  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education  41(1): 24–33. DOI: 10.1002/bmb.2066.

Sanders ER  (2012a)  Aseptic Laboratory Techniques: Volume Transfers with Serological Pipettes and Micropipettors.  J. Vis. Exp.  63: e2754, DOI: 10.3791/2754.

Sanders ER  (2012b)  Aseptic Laboratory Techniques: Plating Methods.  J. Vis. Exp.  63: e3064, DOI: 10.3791/3064.

Sanders ER and Miller JH.  I, Microbiologist: A Discovery-based Undergraduate Research Course in Microbial Ecology and Molecular EvolutionASM Press, Washington DC.  (2010)  ISBN 978-1-55581-470-0.

Ditty JL, Kvaal CA, Goodner B, Freyermuth SK, Bailey C, Britton RA, Gordon SG, Heinhorst S, Reed K, Xu Z, Sanders-Lorenz ER, Axen S, Kim E, Johns M, Scott K, Kerfeld CA.  (2010)  Incorporating Genomics and Bioinformatics Across the Life Sciences Curriculum.  PLoS Biol.  8(8): e1000448.  doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000448

Sanders-Lorenz ER (2007).  The Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden as a Classroom for Teaching Microbial Ecology and Evolution at UCLA.  Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden Newsletter 10:7-8, 11.

Research Publications:

Schwartz AR, Ortiz I, Maymon M, Fujishige NA, Vijanderan JA, Hanamoto K, Kim W, Diener A, Sanders ER, DeMason DA, and Hirsch AM.  Bacillus simplex, a little know PGPB and biocontrol agent, alters pea legume root architecture and nodule morphology when co-inoculated with Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae.  [submitted]

Heiss JK, Sanders ER, and Johnson RC  (2011).  Intrasubunit and intersubunit interactions controlling assembly of active synaptic complexes during Hin-catalyzed DNA recombination.  Journal of Molecular Biology  411: 744-764.

Hausner G, Olson R, Simon D, Johnson I, Sanders ER, Karol KG, McCourt RM, and Zimmerly S (2006).  Origin and Evolution of the Chloroplast trnK (matK) Intron: A Model for Evolution of Group II Intron RNA StructuresMolecular Biology and Evolution 23:380-391.

Dhar G, Sanders ER, and Johnson RC (2004).  Architecture of the Hin synaptic complex during recombination: the recombinase subunits translocate with the DNA strandsCell 119:33-45.

Sanders ER and Johnson RC (2004).  Stepwise dissection of the Hin-catalyzed recombination reaction from synapsis to resolutionJournal of Molecular Biology 340:753-766.

Sanders ER, Karol KG, and McCourt RM (2003).  Occurrence of matK in a trnK group II intron in Charophyte green algae and phylogeny of the CharaceaeAmerican Journal of Botany 90:628-633.

Merickel SK, Sanders ER, Vázquez-Ibar JL, and Johnson RC (2002).  Subunit exchange and the role of dimer flexibility in DNA binding by the Fis proteinBiochemistry 41:5788-5798.