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MIMG in the News, 2012

October 02, 2012

UCLA life scientist Elissa Hallem awarded MacArthur 'genius' grant

UCLA life scientist Elissa Hallem has been selected as a 2012 MacArthur Fellow in recognition of her "exceptional merit and promise of continued creative work," the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has announced. .... [ more ]

September 25, 2012

Going viral to kill zits: UCLA/Pitt scientists uncover virus with potential to stop pimples

Watch out, acne. Doctors soon may have a new weapon against zits: a harmless virus living on our skin that naturally seeks out and kills the bacteria that cause pimples .... [ more ]

September 11, 2012

Immune systems of 'bubble babies' restored by gene therapy, UCLA researchers find

UCLA stem cell researchers have found that a gene therapy regimen can safely restore immune systems to children with so-called "bubble boy" disease, a life-threatening condition that if left untreated can be fatal within one to two years .... [ more ]

April 17, 2012

Six UCLA professors elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Six UCLA professors are among 220 distinguished scholars, scientists, authors, artists, and business and philanthropic leaders elected today to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments. .... [ more ]

April 13, 2012

Life scientist is honored as a Searle Scholar

UCLA life scientist Elissa Hallem is among 15 exceptional scientists selected to be 2012 Searle Scholars. Hallem is an assistant professor of microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics and a member of UCLA's Molecular Biology Institute .... [ more ]

March 25, 2012

Scientists identify novel pathway for T cell activation in leprosy

Findings may help lead to new treatments for infectious diseases, cancer
Dendritic cell in a tuberculoid leprosy lesion UCLA researchers have pinpointed a new mechanism that potently activates T cells, the group of white blood cells that plays a major role in fighting infections. .... [ more ]

January 29, 2012

Stealthy leprosy pathogen evades critical vitamin D-dependent immune response

UCLA findings point to new treatment pathways for infectious diseases
Micro-RNA (green) is much more evident in progressive leprosy (left).  A team of UCLA scientists has found that the pathogen that causes leprosy has a remarkable ability to avoid the human immune system by inhibiting the antimicrobial responses important to our defenses. .... [ more ]