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HIV Entry

HIV uses CD4 and a coreceptor (CCR5 and/or CXCR4) for viral entry. The efficiency of HIV receptor/coreceptor mediated entry has important implications for viral pathogenesis and transmission. The advent of CCR5 inhibitors in clinical use also underscores the need for quantitative and predictive tools that can guide therapeutic management. Historically, measuring the efficiency of CD4/CCR5 mediated HIV entry has relied on surrogate, inadequate, or slow throughput experimental tools.

We developed the Affinofile receptor affinity profiling system that has provided a quantitative and higher throughput method to characterize viral entry efficiency as a function of CD4 and CCR5 expression levels.

For details on the Affinofle system, please see Johnston et al (2009) for the original description.

Different groups have used the Affinofile system to reveal the distinct pathophysiological properties associated with Env entry phenotypes.